Western Bitless Bridles

FR Equestrian offers luxurious anatomical bitless bridles that are designed for optimum comfort. The FR Equestrian western bitless bridles are made of the highest quality materials that ensure your bridle will last.

Bitless Bridles

Designed for the perfect fit

FR Equestrian luxurious anatomical western and English bitless bridles by looking at the horse's unique skull and sensitive nerves. We do this because we believe every horse deserves to be ridden in an anatomical bitless bridle that ensures optimum comfort.

Designed in to perfection

Carefully created and rigorously tested over and over again by different equestrians and horses to create anatomical bitless bridles that are the perfect combination of comfort, quality and fit
for the perfect ride.


Bitless Bridle

FR Equestrians bitless bridle designs are created to comfortable fit around the horses skull. Our focus is to create the best-fitting bitless bridle for your horse so you can focus on your horse without worry.

Customer experiences

Over 65+ 5 Star reviews

If you are looking for a bitless bridle that gives your horse optimal comfort your are at the right place. Anatomical headpieces, Ultra soft nappa padding and premium fit are just some of the reasosn why our customers love us

From all over the world we have happy customers and we have collected over 65+ 5 star reviews


FR Equestrian

FR Equestrian combines quality, comfort and fit together with anatomical designs so you and your horse can experience the perfect ride and life your equestrian dream.

FR Equestrian is mostly known for it's anatomical bitless bridles and our neckropes that are often used for groundwork as well as for free riding. Each of our bitless bridles are made with eye for detail to ensure both you and your horse will experience the best fit.

We currently offer Sidepull bridlesHackamore bridlesCavemore bridles, Under cross bridles, NeckropesTraining sets as well as Ropehalter's and Leadrope's.