A hackamore is one of the most populair bitless bridles. It is populair as you can transform most bitted bridles in to a hackamore bridle and it is most often used in showjumping. However many hackamore are ill fitting the horses and cause discomfort.

The importance of using an anatomical hackamore instead of a bitted bridle turned in to a hackamore is that the leverage of the hackamore shanks often make the bridle move towards the horses eye.

Left image by Equestrian Space     ||     Right image by FR Equestrian   

The image above on the left shows how putting pressure on the hackamore shanks make the bridle move towards the horses eyes (potentially) causing discomfort and getting in to the horses eyes.

For this specific reason we wanted to create a hackamore bridle design that ensures comfort. (image on the right

By Anatomically designing our hackamore's and by adding a Jaw strap lower on the face we ensure that the bridle will not move towards the horses face ensuring optimum comfort and fit.

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