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Cognac bitless bridle


Cognac Sidepull

Currently, The Musa Sidepull is our most popular cognac bitless bridle. This cognac sidepull bridle is made out of the finest buffalo leather and padded with our signature ultra-soft Nappa padding.


Quality, Design and Comfort

For optimum comfort and fit


Stitched details

The Cognac Musa Sidepull features beautiful decorative English stitching on the noseband and on the horse's browband.


Musa Sidepull

The cognac Musa Sidepull is padded with our signature ultra-soft nappa padding which can be found on the noseband, Chin protection, Cheeck pieces, and behind the horse's ears. 


Bitless bridle collection

FR Equestrian offers a wide variety of bitless bridles in all sorts of colours and designs. Something for everybody as we like to say. You can find some of our most popular bitless bridles down below.