Bauke Bitless Bridle Base

€79.95 EUR

The Bauke Bitless Bridle Base is a great option if you already have a bitless noseband such as a sidepull or hackamore noseband.

The Bauke Bitless Bridle Base is an anatomical base with a jowl strap for added comfort and to prevent the bitless bridle from twisting.

The crown of the bridle is anatomically shaped with cut outs for the horse's ears.

The bridle is made out of buffalo leather and padded with Ultra-soft Nappa leather.


* This Bridle comes without a noseband, Browband or hackamore shanks.

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Size Centimeters Inch
extra mini 100 cm 40 inch
mini 110 cm 43 inch
shet 120 cm 47 inch
pony 135 cm 53 inch
cob 150 cm 59 inch


165 cm 65 inch
extra full 175 cm 69 inch