Kyra cavemore nosepiece

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The Kyra Cavemore nosepiece is a combination between a hackamore and a cavesson. The Kyra Cavemore nosepiece has a softly padded noseband and removable chin protection.

The nose piece has three movable rings acting as a cavesson. The shanks between the nose and chin part are the hackamore part of this noseband and can be used for leverage.

What we Love

• Nosepiece with stainless steel shanks of choice

• Ultra-soft nappa padded noseband & chin protection

• 3 movable rings on the nose

• Comes without a bridle base

• 100% tanned using organic materials

• Multi-use bridle as noseband can be switched out for any of our Hybrid nosepieces.

Leather care
give your horse

The best riding experience

What makes the Kyra cavemore nosepiece unique is that you can attach it to (almost) any bitted bridle giving you a hybrid bridle that you can change dependend on you and your horses needs.

Designed for

Optimal convenience

The Kyra cavemore nosepiece is designed to be able to be used with almost any bitted bridle of which you can remove the nosepiece and bit. Giving you an easy going, concenient way to turn your bitted bridle in to a bitless one.

our signature nappa padding

Give your horse the ultimate comfort

The Kyra cavemore is padded using our ultra soft nappa padding which can be found behind the ears, on the nosepiece as well as on the chin protection.

This nosepiece comes without reins or bridle base.