The Pablo Sidepull nosepiece

€64.95 EUR

The Pablo Sidepull nosepiece made by hand with great care for details. What makes the Pablo Sidepull so special is that you can change attach this nosepiece to almost any bitted bridle so you can switch your bridle dependent on you and your horses needs.

The pablo sidepull is made with our ultra-soft napa leather padding which makes this noseband super comfortable for the horse to wear.

The noseband is made out of 100% vegetable tanned buffalo leather and napa leather for the padding.

During our vegetable tanning process only organic materials are used.

This nosepiece comes without  a bridle or reins.

What we love

• Nosepiece with stainless steel shanks of choice

• Ultra-soft nappa padded noseband & chin protection

• Anatomical headpiece with nappa leather padding

• 100% tanned using organic materials

• Multi-use bridle as noseband can be switched out for any of our Hybrid nosepieces.

* This bridle comes without reins

Leather care
Bridle sizing chart FR Equestrian


A (nose)
Extra full 63 - 70 cm
61 - 70 cm
57 - 64 cm
52 - 60 cm