Bitless bridles


what is

Bitless riding

Riding bitless means you are riding your horse without the usage of a bit in the horses mouth. FR Equestrian is specialized in quality, anatomical bitless bridles for optimum equine comort.

Why ride


Bitless riding is becoming more popular among equestrians. There are a number of reasons for it. Many riders prefer to ride bitless as it is a softer, more human and therefor more ethical way to work and ride with horses. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the reason is; what's important is that you choose the best possible bitless bridle for your horse.

Different types of bitless bridles

Cavemore bitless bridle

A cavemore is a combination between a cavesson and a hackamore. On the noseband of a cavemore there are two, three or more rings attached that make up the cavesson part of this bridle. Between the nose and chin part of this bridle there are shanks attached which is the hackamore part of this bridle.

Hackamore bitless bridle

A hackamore is a bitless bridle that does not disturb the horses mouth. A hackamore bridle gives pressure behind the ears, chin, and nasal bone. The mechanical hackamore with leverage is similar to a curb-bit. The longer the hackamore shanks the more preasure they give.

why choose a bitless sidepull fr equestrian

Sidepull bitless bridle

A sidepull is a bitless bridle that has the reins attached to. the sides of the noseband. A sidepull bridle is ideal to start with when starting to ride bitless from a young unexperienced horse to an older more experienced horse.