Aqua sun dance

€34.95 EUR

Our latest neckrope collection is the sun dance collection. The sun dance collection is made out of our premium double braided polypropylene rope. And made out of the same wuality as all our other neckropes. What makes our the sundance collection so unique is that the neckrope feautures a yellow stone in the middle, just above the tassel. The yellow stone is rich of colours and features little daisies around the the yellow stone.


Centimeters Inch
extra mini 100 cm 40 inch
mini 110 cm 43 inch
shet 120 cm 47 inch
pony 135 cm 53 inch
cob 150 cm 59 inch


165 cm 65 inch
extra full 175 cm 69 inch


Please measure around the horses neck form the horses breast bone to the withers. In doubt we recommend sizing up.