Lola multi-bridle

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The Lola multi-bridle is a beautiful, elegant combination of both a cross under bridle and a sidepull bridle. The Lola multi-bridle is designed with a patent noseband and has embedded crystals on the browband.

What we love

• Patent leather noseband and browband.

• U-shape browband with singly embedded crystals.

• Ultra-soft nappa padded noseband & chin protection.

• Anatomical headpiece with nappa leather padding.

• 100% tanned using organic materials

* This bridle comes without reins

Leather care

This product is a Pre-order. This means that the date where the bridle will be shipped to you can be around 8-12 weeks after purchase.


The best riding experience

The Lola multi-bridle its anatomical designs combines the classical cross under and sidepull giving you two bridles in one.

Lola multi-bridle bitless sidepull and cross-under bridle with patent noseband
anatomical design with

Ultra-soft nappa padding

The Lola multi-bridle is padded using our signature ultra-soft nappa padding for optimum comfort. The bridle's anatomical design ensure for the the best riding experience.

Close-up of the side of the bitless lola multi bridle
Two bridles in one

The best of both worlds

The Lola multi-bridle comes with two separate pieces. This ensures you can use your bridle both as a sidepull as well as as a cross under.