Maddy sidepull

€189.95 EUR

The Maddy sidepull is an elegant western style sidepull bridle with three flowers etched on the noseband and the bridle's crown.

The Maddy Sidepull features an anatomical headpiece with our ultra-soft nappa padding behind the ears and under the noseband.

The bridle feature's hand etched flowers, petals and leave's for a true romantic feel.


Pre-orders for the Maddy sidepull placed before dec 8th are expected in our warehouse 3rd/4th week of december. Pre-orders placed after Dec 8th are expected to ship in february/first week of march.


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What we love
    This Sidepull nsoeband with its ultra soft noseband is designed for optimum comfort and top performance.
    The headpiece has an anatomical shape to even out pressure and allows for freedom around and behind the ears.
    The U-shaped browband features beautiful golden chrystals together with our ultra solft padding.

Please note
* Reins are not included with the bridle and needs to be purchased separately

Leather care

This bridle runs big. When your horse is between sizes we recommend going with the smaller size.


Head crown

The maddy sidepull feature's an anatomical head crown that keeps the horses atlas free of pressure.


Leather etching

The Maddy Sidepull feature's romantic etching on the bridle's noseband and headstall. The bridle feature's three flowers on the noseband with flower pedals and leaves.

This bridle comes without reins