Sea green training ropehalter

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This basic training ropehlater is made out of the best quality 6mm rope. With the x formed knots it gives a steady amount of preasure witch makes the halter as comfortable as it can get. The ropehalter finishes with a fiador knot.

Available in a various set of colours! 


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Ropehalter sizing
Size Centimeters Inch
Mini 40-45 cm 15.6-17.6 inch
Shetland 45-50 cm 17.6-19.6 inch
Pony 50-55 cm 19.6-21.6 inch
Cob 55-60 cm 21.6-23.6 inch
Full 60-65 cm 23.6-25.6 inch

Extra Full

65-70 cm 25.6- 27.6 inch


* The measurements above are sizes we strive for and may differt slightly in real life. 

** The measurements above is the measurement of the ropehalters noseband.